Sonya McGuire

To succeed in business, a woman needs a sense of purpose, genuine self-confidence, a passion for self-improvement and a capacity for hard work.

For 25 years Sonya McGuire has brought these qualities to her own enterprise, as founder and CEO of the Australian College of Information Technology and Institute of Film and Television (ACIT & IFTV), based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

To succeed as an educator, a woman needs to build networks, foster working partnership and understand governance and legal issues to protect and support her business and the thousands of international students that rely on her representation and fairness. ACIT and IFTV have educated generations of students from more than 20 countries and assisted with industry placement and career guidance. Sonya speaks globally about education systems, technology, information protection and cyber security.

To succeed as an advocate for students, a woman needs to enjoy the achievements of others as much as her own. Graduates from ACIT and IFTV are now respected leaders in the fields of IT, telecommunications and digital industries worldwide. Sonya is proud of this track record of student achievement.

To succeed in living a well-rounded life, a woman has to recognize when it is time to give back to her community and world. Travelling globally as a member of trade delegations and as an exporter of Australian education, Sonya has the opportunity to see first-hand and relate to others the fundamental need of women, especially in disadvantaged areas, for self-empowerment.

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International Initiative
For 25 years, Sonya McGuire has been welcoming and educating students from around the world at her college on the Gold Coast. Her background in IT and systems analysis proved invaluable when designing education to prepare students for a future in the digital industry. A well-designed range of government-registered courses and a commitment to industry placement are the hallmarks of ACIT & IFTV.
The nature of IT and digital enterprise is to build connectivity and innovate through technology. This appreciation for international inventiveness and enterprise is an integral part of Sonya’s vision and of the education platform and values at ACIT & IFTV.
Sharing an international vision means sharing a broader perspective, seeing education as part of international trade, export marketing, ground-breaking technical advancement and product development.
“Being involved with IT education and digital futures brings awareness that we live in a technological world and have responsibility for the future. It means our inventiveness is not for a small world but for a global reality.”

Sonya plans to harness the power of digital technology to change the lives of women across the globe.

Change Maker
“With success comes responsibility. With inspiration come ideas and motivation for change.”
Sonya McGuire is drawing on both her success as an educator and her inspiration to use digital technology and online education to make change. Over two decades of working with IT, screen production and digital media has enabled Sonya to appreciate the potential of online education to empower women. Through the establishment of IFTV Studios, and using engaging and well-directed programming ideas, Sonya is developing documentaries to educate and empower women, changing lives around the world.
“Creating change requires having a vision for change and understanding the tools that can create change. The power of online education to reach women in disadvantaged and remote areas should not be underestimated. It is the time to give back. ”
Sonya is working to improve the lives of women globally using her experience in digital media, IT education and her studies in Law – Master of Legal Administration at the Juris Doctor level, specializing in Corporate Governance, International Business and Finance.