– Master of Legal Administration (International Business and Finance Law), Bond University, Gold Coast Queensland, AUSTRALIA.
-Juris Doctor (50% of subjects completed as at 2021), Bond University, Gold Coast Queensland, AUSTRALIA
– Doctor of Legal Science (Copyright law subject only – Research), Bond University Gold Coast Queensland, AUSTRALIA
– Certificate in Acting Techniques (NIDA) Australia
– Certificate in Modelling (Leonie Green and Associates). Northern territory Australia
– Diploma of Business management (TAFE Queensland)
– Bachelor of Business Computing (completed 2/3 of subjects)
– Kristin School, High school certificate, University Bursary, (Auckland, NZ)
– Rangoon Institute of Technology (year 1 only Architectural Engineering), Yangon, Myanmar
– Teachers Training College (TTC) High School completion Yangon, Myanmar

Qualifications (Current Studies)

Juris Doctor Bond University (ongoing) completed 50% of this degree Bachelor of Business Computing 1988 Charles Darwin University (75% completed) left due to illness

Bond University, 15 October 2018
by Professor Nick James
Executive Dean, Faculty of Law.


Awarded ” First in class” for Global Investment & Banking law , Master of Legal Administration and Juris Doctor level law degrees.

Sonya McGuire (visiting lecturer)
with Dr Damien Lockie
Faculty ot Law. Bond University.

“Ms McGuire impresses me as a woman of ambition, with a desire to excel in all her endeavours. I consider Ms McGuire to possess the qualities of mind and character, dedication and readiness of a distinction scholar, and to be one with the will to succeed.
I have no hesitation in recommending her for your mos favourable consideration”

Dr Damien L Lockie
Solicitor & Barrister
Svensons Barristers

Honorary Adjunct Professor | Bond University
Faculty of Law

Membership Associations

Legal and other professional memberships:

-Queensland Law Society
-American Bar Assosiation
– Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) – Member
-Association of Media and Entertainment Law Council (AMEC) – Global legal association
-Wildlife Tourism Australia
-Screen Producers Association (SPAA)
-Screenworks NSW
-French – Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association


Current careers

IT Media

– Mother to three sons
ACIT & IFTV College – CEO & Founder since 1995
IFTV Studios – CEO & Founder since 2017
Empowering Women” digital TV productions – Screen Writer, Executive producer, TV Host¬† currently in production development since 2019
Sonya McGuire Fragrance – Founder & CEO commenced the work in France in 2019
– Creator of ‘tres’ joli’ Fragrance
IFTV Entertainment digital subscription – in development from 2020


ACIT & IFTV Group of companies – Corporate legal governance
Sonya McGuire Enterprises – Corporate legal governance
– Bond University, Faculty of Law – Guest lecturer * International trade and investment law” since 2020

French production
– Digital TV Host in 2019, Cote d’zur, France
Host of Empowering women
– Essence of France on location working with French Fragrance industry digital TV
– Executive producer: Sonya McGuire on location
– Working with French production industry . Shooting Sonya on a new venture of Fragrance creation business
Sonya McGuire Fragrance
– Creation of a new French fragrance ” Tres Jolie” by Sonya McGuire Made in France
– Design and label creation: Sonya McGuire 2021
– Official launch October, November, 2021Gold Coast
Conservation TV and Digital TV
– Executive Producer/Writer /Story development / Marketing : Sonya McGuire
– Cinematography (1) : BIOPIXEL Queensland.
– Post production, digital media videos Editing (1) : IFTV Studios, Gold Coast Queensland
– Sonya McGuire’s Empowering women series currently in development in consultation with conservation industry of AUSTRALIA. In development in 2021
– Episode – Wild Australia
– TI Movie – Saving Wally

Past Careers

– Computer systems analyst and Programmer 1985 – 1990 Northern Territory – Department of Transport and works
– Frances Bay Slipway Darwin NT
– Consultant in I.T education 1992 Bond University, TAFE Qld, Gold Coast Hospital
– Austral Asia Development and Musteq Holdings Sdn Bh Malaysia – Managing director 1998 -1999
– Real estate management – Gold Coast Queensland
– Project management Multi-purpose use – Residential and Commercial High rise Construction design and development

Conferences Attended

Film and Television industry:

– Screen Forever 2021, 2015, 2014 (Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Australia)
– Screen Producers Association Australia
– American Film Market ( AFM) 2018
– MIPCOM Cannes, France 2018, 2017
– Screenworks NSW 2019, 2021
– Education industry:

Blogs and posts:

– WEBA Education conference – Beijing China 2017 | Zurich Switzerland 2017
– ICEF Education conference – Adelaide Australia 2012| Berlin Germany 2019
– Education Queensland – Brisbane, Cairns
– Study Queensland Government lead export missions – India, Brazil, Japan

Conference Speaker
-World congress – Beijing China | Representative of education ministry of Brazil CONIF Subiect: Science without borders
– Trade and Investment Queensland – for International education and export Sao Paulo Brazil
– Education conference – University of Aracaju, Aracaju Brazil
– Education conference – University of Maceo, Maceo Brazil
– Trade and Investment Queensland – International trade, investment and education Belo HoriZonte Minageraise Brazil
At Vale BHP Billion – group presentation only
Bangalore India
– Trade and Investment Queensland – International trade and education export
– The Delegation was led by Jackie Trad – Deputy Premier of Queensland
-WEBA – International educationZurich Switzerland
– Australian college Information Technology and Institute of Film and television (ACIT & IFTV)
– International agents seminars weekly 2018 – 2020 Queensland, Australia
– Bond University, Faculty of law ” Guest speaker” February 2020, February 2021
– International Trade and Investment Law, Gold Coast Queensland Australia

Early Career leads to Ongoing Vocation

Sonya McGuire is an Australlan, with a heritage of Burmese European and English mixed races, who arrived in Australia at the age of 17 as a student from Myanmar. Sonya McGuire is an Entrepreneur, Creative Director, Presenter and Writer for digital productions. She is married to Danny McGuire and a mother of three sons Jonathan, Will and Christian. She is multilingual and speaks several languages, including Burmese and English languages fluently.

Alongside 30 years + of business acumen, as founder and CEO of Vocational Training Colleges. Sonya McGuire has a personal career marked with careers in Education, Technology, Modelling, Film production and Fragrance creation.

In early 1980, Sonya immigrated to Australia. She first started her career in technology and studied Bachelor of Business Computing at Charles Darwin University. She worked as a systems analyst programmer for the Northern Territory government, Department of Transport and Works, and as a consultant for the database design, development, and implementation of management systems, and for ship maintenance systems at the Frances Bay Slipway. Seven years in Darwin provided a range of opportunities in Computer Education, Modelling and as an Information Systems Programmer.

In 2019 Sonya obtained a law degree majoring in corporate governance and banking and finance. Master of Legal Administration (International Business and Finance Law) at Bond University.

Sonya demonstrated from the beginning of her career that she was imaginative and multi-talented. She worked as a model and extra in the film and worked as a consultant and instructor, for the Charles Darwin University, Department of Transport and Works as a computer systems programmer.

She commenced a new career once she moved to the Gold Coast in 1992, Sonya worked as a guest lecturer for Bond University Faculty of Information Technology and Gold Coast TAFE, training students in new technologies, software and database management.

Perceiving a gap in the educational market, and for the specialist industry placement, Sonya founded the vocational education college the Australian College of Information Technology on the Gold Coast in 1993, and expanded to owning several RTOs ( ACIT & IFTV), establishing in Gold Coast Queensland Australia offering courses in IT and digital media, business Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses, providing internships, Traineeships and employment opportunities. The college provides vocational and industry certifications combined with education with the latest technology that has led to direct employment outcomes for local and International students for the past three decades.

Astute insight is a talent that has accompanied Sonya McGuire throughout her career. ACIT’s success led to the IFTV being established later after the purchase of a local TV house and a broadcasting station called OPTUS VISION in 2018. The new production house IFTV Studios is located in the same location as the college and has been producing digital design and videos and short film creation in AUSTRALIA and FRANCE. The IFTV studios is working on various projects including Empowering Women productions in Australia and France since 2019. The digital and short film was completed in 2020 to help raise awareness of women and girls in crises. Sonya commenced an empowering women scholarship program for women and girls in crisis in 2019 through her prestigious education college in Gold Coast.

Understanding the interrelatedness of digital, TV, information technology, telecommunications, and Business has created a vibrant institution that reaches thousands of students from over 40 countries and serves Australians and employers. Sonya McGuire is celebrating 30 years as a successful Vocational Education Provider in 2023.

What comes next? IFTV Studios is specialising in Web, short film, and DigiN\ Media productions, now in Gold Coast Queensland Australia.

In 2024 Sonya McGuire Enterprises will expand into various industry sectors in research and development to further engage with the industry in the areas if Cyber Security, Robotics and Al working together in major projects.

As a visionary and entrepreneur, Sonya sees her next step in investing in various enterprises that align with her core values and vision.
The creation of online education through cutting-edge documentary-making aimed at enhancing and empowering the lives of women around the world. Sonya McGuire’s Empowering Women – Essence of France was filmed and created in France in (2019- 2020 ).
Sonya is the presenter, writer of the original screenplay and executive producer.

Sonya has further expanded into the beauty business, Fragrances Sonya McGuire Perfumery was born with a vision of bringing beauty to a new level, she works together with the most experienced noses in France. Her new fragrances are being launched in Australia. Sonya is a founder, owner and chief designer of all her beauty creations.

Early career in modelling and extras in Film.
Modelling in Darwin, Northern Territory Australia. At subset at Darwin Sailing Club.

Education Provider

Drawing on her significant experience in IT, Sonya founded the Australian College of Information Technology (ACIT) on the Gold Coast in 1995 – a vocational educational institution providing courses in digital technologies and multimedia to international and Australian students. The college partners with technology qiants that define the digital industries includina Microsoft. Cisco Systems. Juniper Networks and VMware. Learn more about the colleges here.

In 1999, Sonya acquired the OPTUS Vision Studios in Brisbane to use as a hands on learning facility and founded a sister college to ACT – the Institute of Film and Television (IFTV). IFTV provides a professional and creative approach to the study of film and televisior covering subjects including screenwriting, cinematography, visual effects, editing and unit production management.

Sonya is passionate about providing quality education and employment outcomes and ACIT & IFTV is recognised as a world leader in vocational traininq. Through her colleges, she has played an important role in shaping modernised, state-of-the-art technology education which encompasses security, networking, engineering, digital media and film and television.

Unlike any other training colleges in Australia, ACIT & IFTV partner with industry leaders to provide highly sought after internship programs designed to give students real world experience. The result is 100% graduate employment over 25 years of operation. The prestigious college is a government registered training organisation that delivers industry approved education to local students and international students from 17 countries.

With 25 years as an education provider, Sonya is highly regarded for her education enterprise and has gained considerable expertise in international export marketing. Since 2012 she has travelled all over the world with state and federal politicians on trade and eaucation export missions. She regularly presents to international delegations on topics around education systems, technology and media. In 2014 she was invited to speak at the World Federation of Colleges and Polytechnics World Congress in Beijing about education and employment of behalf of the Brazilian government organisation, the National Council for the Federal Network of Vocational Institutions (CONIF). She travels constantly to network and collaborate with international agencies. high levels of government law, telecom companies and representatives of international education and film industries.

Education Trade Missions


Queensland Government export missions with Hon.
Premiere of Queensland Campbell Newman – Tokyo, Japan


Meeting with Prime minister of Australia Hon. Malcolm Turnbull