Production Development

Sonya McGuire's Empowering Women
- Essence of France

The Essenence of France commenced filming in October 2019 in South of France. This production of Empowering Women digital series has commenced development. This production is designed to inspire socially women to go out and enterprise and start their own ventures…

Sonya McGuire's Empowering Women
- Wild Australia

Production development has started on an exciting new project for IFTV Studios. This documentary series focuses on wildlife conservation in Australia. The adventure series will be filmed on location throughout Australia featuring some of our nation’s most beloved and iconic wildlife.
IFTV Studios will join forces with state conservation and wildlife organisations to highlight issues affecting Australia’s native wildlife and encourage collective action to save endangered species and their natural habitats.

IFTV Studios is the dream and next step for Sonya McGuire as she works to develop an innovative platform that harnesses the power of online education to reach, educate and empower women worldwide. Birthed in 2017, IFTV Studios, Sonya’s own production company has started development of a women’s empowerment project and an adventure documentary series and a documentary series on Australian wildlife conservation.

The Empowering Women project came about when she was travelling in India, speaking with government and industry bodies, including members of the Bollywood film industry, about education reform, exports, production investment and distribution. Sonya is collaborating with producers in Hollywood and Australia to create an online portal focused on education to empower and assist women to realize their own dreams. There are opportunities at all levels for collaboration – in production, financing, distribution and content creation. Sonya is already working to build these affiliations. A true visionary in IT and digital technology education, Sonya wants to make a different to lives of millions of women worldwide.