Current Positions

CEO | Corporate Legal Governance | Systems Analyst Programmer| Actor | Creative Director Sonya McGuire Enterprises since 1990.

CEO | Founder | Corporate legal Governance : Registerted Training organisations. Vocational educational colleges since 1993. Australian College of Information Technology & Institute of Film and Television ACIT & IFTV 30 years the college will be rebranded with a new name ACIDT Australian college of Information & Digital Technologies.

CEO | Founder Empowering Women Pty Ltd Empowering Women Scholarships & Digital Media and articles ( Cyber Security & the law for women in business).

CEO & Founder | Chief Designer| Creative Director for all Media| Corporate Legal Governance Sonya McGuire Parfumerie since 2019.

CEO | Founder | Star Rider (Research and Development in Media, Space,AI & VFX, Robotics engineering).

CEO |Executive Producer| Creative Director | Corporate Legal Governance at IFTV Studios.

Writer | Actor | Executive Producer | Original Screenplay. Sonya McGuire’s Empowering Women - Essence of France Short film. France ( 2019 -2021) Completed.

Writer and Executice producer “Empowering Women - Adventures” ( Under development 2024 - 2025).

Writer | Executive Producer “ Jungle Man “ Feature film( under development (2024 - 2025) in Australia.

Writer | Executive Producer “ Wild Natures” Digital documentary in development (2024 - 2025) in Queensland, Tasmania Australia. In cooperation with BAFTA ( British Academy of Film and Television Artists) award winning producers , wild life conservation industry in Tasmania and Queensland

Writer | Executive Producer “ Fashionista “ Digital TV. (2024 - 2025 ) In development in France.

Writer | Surfing Byron Digital inspiration.

Why I believe in Law..

The Rule of Law is foundation to our society, that brings equality, protection and for human rights. It is the essential ingredient that brings democracies to stay
strong without given to dictatorship.
When the rule of law is not observed, it creates unstability in any country from its core foundations. To bring prosperity for a country, we must have equality in all
areas of our human society. The rule of law must reform itself to have fairness for families for both men and women to protect all families.

We could be the last civilisation on earth

The world has become very unstable and many are suffering as a result of ruthless leaders who have very little regard for human rights. There are a number of tipping points that will determine our very existance. Fundamental principles of our modern democracies are being challanged by radical people could seriously derail the foundations of our legal system and destroy our societies. The rule of law is essential part of our future, for safety and security, to ensure protection of democracies, for the future of our children’s generations, human rights for women and for equality. A quality education for women and girls should be provided as basic human right. If any country will educated women and girls they will end up with better economies and get out of poverty. Education is the key to bring equality.
If we dont act now it will lead to another generation of poor society and will bring down societies. The future of our generations depends on not just the technological advancement but ensuring deep and meaningful education.


Empowering Women P/L
1. Education scholarships for Women and Girls who are in crises (scholarships offered with partner college ( ACIT & IFTV)
2. Dgital Media Articles ( Cyber Security & The Law) ,
3. Development of Documentaries in Education for women in Business (IFTV Studios, co productions with Francec TV, & Grand Productions).
You can support Empowering Women projects in giving towards scholarships below.


Investing in Production as an Executive Producer

Become an executive producer in Empowering Women digital and TV documentary series in development, a world class documentary to help women in business and careers. You can write directly to Chief Executive Producer [email protected] to express your interest.

Thank you for your support.

Sonya McGuire
CEO | Founder | Sonya McGuire Enterprises and associated companies| Empowering Women P/L.